How to Reduce Mailing Costs

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We Can Reduce Your Mailing Costs by 15-20%! Updating and correcting your in-house list is equally important to a successful project. It ensures that your donors are getting your correspondence in a timely fashion and are not lost to moves or incomplete address components and you are not wasting money on costly duplication. Step 1 Recent surveys indicate that more than 1-in-3 of all mail pieces are delayed or returned due to deficient address elements. Through extensive research in the field of list management and by testing many different programs and vendors, we’ve developed a system that maximizes the benefits...
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Types of Email Blasts

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Welcome Email If you’re not currently sending out a welcome email, you could be missing out on a stellar opportunity. A warm and friendly welcome email can make a positive first impression on new members, donors, volunteers, or your sponsors. A great time to send a welcome email is when someone subscribes to your email list. Keep the tone of your welcome email light, as you want it to be warm and approachable. Hitting someone up for a donation straight off the bat might be too much, too fast. You want your readers to feel like they’re part of your…

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Characteristics of Effective Non-Profit Websites

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Clear Description of the Organization’s Purpose Each non-profit organization exists for a certain purpose. Website visitors who are not familiar with the organization should be able to quickly get an idea of the purpose when visiting the site for the first time. Ideally the homepage alone will give visitors a basic idea of what the organization does, and then maybe a more detail description of the purpose is provided on a separate page. Details of Those Who are Served by the Organization In order to add a personal touch to the website, information should be shared about the people who…

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Top Ten Myths About Telemarketing

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Myth #1: My donors will hate being called. This is of course the most common, and probably the most erroneous of fundraising myths. Just because a board member or staff person dislikes being solicited by phone doesn’t mean your donors will. Our experience has shown that as few as 1% of donors called, even on the first call-through of a list, object to the call (and upwards of 25% may contribute to that call). The people who do object can be easily flagged in your database, removed from your calling pool and never called again. It is not uncommon to…

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