Direct Mail

There are many appeals that demand a donor’s attention.

How do you get your envelope opened and responded to?

Do you know the secret to creating a Direct Mail project that gets opened, read and responded to with astonishing success?

Every non-profit relies on fundraising or donor engagement of some kind, and no amount of community outreach, social media, email marketing or telemarketing has the effect of direct mail. It remains the most powerful medium of all fund-raising options.

ADMROI Marketing has been helping nonprofits of all sizes and types increase revenue through proven, strategically planned direct mail campaigns. Whether working for hunger missions, colleges, hospitals, national healthcare organizations, or disaster relief agencies, we deliver passionate, personal service that focuses on results and a high return on investment. Whether your goal is to get an organization off the ground or looking to take your cause to the next level, we analyze your situation, profile current donors, formulate strategies to reach your goals, and complete every phase of your program. Services include list selection and segmentation, design and creation of appeal packages, offset and variable digital printing, donation processing, post-campaign analysis, and fulfillment.

We design well-crafted direct mail projects that increase your response during special solicitations, annual giving drives and membership retention and acquisition efforts. We provide strategically-sound, creatively great, flawlessly executed, and highly cost-efficient direct marketing services to our clients.

Our Strengths

A quarter-century of innovation has given ADMROI the resources and experience to tackle any size job in any non-profit demographic.

We work personally with each of our clients to guide their projects from concept to completion, with quick turnaround and unrivaled results.

ALL SERVICES AT ONE SOURCE: Few marketing companies nationwide can match our company’s complete services provided under one roof. Every phase of a direct marketing program is handled at our facility, from the production of the list to the dropping of the mailings at the post office. Other companies subcontract some or all of the work. Our list, print, design and mailing experts take care of the entire project at our own facility, guaranteeing a higher level of quality control, faster turnaround, and significant cost savings.

Our direct-mail specialists reinforce your mission while building compelling messages and strong appeals. We provide counsel and hands-on support for writing, packaging, timing, list selection and segmentation.

Tell us your goals and discover what we can do for your fundraising needs.