Email Deployment

Loyalty is key.

How do you keep your donors engaged?

Using email to start and grow relationships with constituents is critical for a nonprofit. Many successful organizations are using email as a cost-effective way to reach out to large volumes of both new and long-time supporters with regular, timely and inspiring information tailored to each person’s interests.

Email marketing can help your organization build a loyal, involved support base and drive higher response rates in fundraising, advocacy, marketing, special events and other functions.

Use email to boost response to direct mail. In the same way that you might make a call telling donors to expect an important letter, you can email your file telling them to watch the mail, or wait for the call. A special, stand-alone email is most effective, but you can also incorporate the message into your regular donor e-newsletter. You can also try following up a special appeal with an email, saying “we hope you read our recent letter, just click here to make your donation online today. It’s convenient and saves us money.” The first renewal effort might be conducted by email, followed by the usual multi-letter series, and eventually a phone call.

Getting emails delivered, opened and read is tough enough due to spam filtering technology, which sometimes mistakenly blocks legitimate email. When emails do get through spam filters, constituents with overloaded “inboxes” do their own filtering and decide which messages to read or delete, unopened.

You need effective online tools and techniques for connecting with supporters on a timely basis and delivering the right message to prompt action such as donating, running a volunteer fundraising campaign, joining or renewing membership, advocating on pending legislation, or participating in an event.

Email marketing works, and thousands of nonprofits are using it every day to build support for their issues, rally volunteers and advocates, and give donors faster, easier, and more efficient ways to contribute financially. They are investing in great email marketing, and their supporters are investing in them and their causes.

Boring, wordy, vague, unattractive are e-mail killers. That’s why we are here – to show you how to seize the opportunity that email marketing provides for your nonprofit and to do it the right way. We will help you create email campaigns and individual messages that your supporters will look forward to receiving and that will help you build a sustainable organization.

We have the most updated e-mail lists available as we are constantly updating these lists in real time. Our in-house email lists contains close to 250,000 up-to-date email addresses of top donors across the US. This list is not available to the general public, resulting in tremendous response when targeted to by our clients.