List Procurement & Data Hygiene

Your goal is to make the world a better place.

How do you acquire new supporters and reach your donor base in the most efficient and economical way?

You decided on which path to take, direct mail, telemarketing or email marketing. You have an amazing concept and design all ready to go. But without the right list all your hard work will be targeted to people that have no interest in your cause or thousands of direct mail letters will end up in the garbage as the list you are targeting has a high error rate. The right list is the most important component of any fundraising project as targeting the wrong prospects is like selling roller blades in an old age home. You may have the best ones, but they have no use for your product.

Professional list generation means obtaining a list of potential donors who are directly interested in your organization’s activities. Due to the fact that we complete hundreds of direct mail, phone and email deployment projects annually, our lists are updated in real time to ensure the highest quality returns every time. Our lists boast a 97% accuracy rate, well above the 90% industry standard.

ADM has access to all available donor lists including hundreds of verified and up-to-date top donor lists. Based on your target demographic, we can swap or rent lists from specific organizations and match your cause to the best list available.

We possess an in house list of over five million Jewish households across the US that can be searched and targeted according to your needs. The list includes detailed criteria such as age, gender, homeowner/renter, income level, type of donor (political, religious, environmental, etc.), and many others. The list can be used to target a specific demographic by mail, home phone, cell phone or email.

We have created a list of the top 250,000 committed Jewish households in the US—traditionally a demographic with a high percentage of giving. This list is propriety to us and available for rental to our clients who have seen amazing results when targeting this list.

We have the most updated e-mail lists available as we are constantly updating these lists in real time. Our in-house email lists contains close to 250,000 up-to-date email addresses of top donors across the US. This list is not available to the general public, resulting in tremendous response when targeted to by our clients.

Reasons Your Nonprofit Should Never Rent a List from a List Broker

List brokers are like used car salesman AND a box of chocolates.

Nothing is more demeaning than having to deal with a used car salesman, whose interest in you is solely for the purpose of selling you a car today and has no interest in your goals and aspirations. Then having to worry about the quality of the list you will be getting – and if you would even KNOW if it was a quality list or not.

You have no idea how many other organizations have targeted that exact same list. I had a client that purchased a mailing list that seemed like it would be a perfect fit. They received ONE small donation with a note to please don’t ever contact them again. That could be a unique development strategy but clearly not one that would do well in the long-run.

It takes more than one communication to obtain a new donor. Most mailing lists are rented and you have only that one shot to grab new donors – which makes no sense whatsoever. Unless you are a huge, well-known organization and the people on the mailing list are seeing your name in lights elsewhere – there isn’t a whole lot of hope for getting donations after one mailing.

You should be marketing to people who are ready to buy. It’s really about spending the biggest portion of your marketing dollars on people ready to donate – a very targeted population that would NOT be part of a mailing list that you purchased. And then a much smaller portion of your budget on broader audiences that need significant convincing or education before they buy.

Most list brokers work on a gross basis, which means you are paying for names that you already own, as their goal is to make as much money from this list rental as possible. In essence you are paying for thousands of names that you already are in possession of, and may be wasting thousands of dollars a year.