Tele-Fundraising is the most efficient and profitable method available.

How do you make sure you achieve all your goals in the most economical fashion?

In the United States, over half of the nonprofits now use the phone to raise funds. The reason they use telemarketing is simple: it works. Telephone calls to lapsed donors can bring them back. Calls to brand new donors, especially online donors, can turn a drive-by donor into a second-time giver, or even a monthly donor. In fact, in most cases it is more profitable to acquire new donors utilizing the phone, than it is to target them with a direct mail campaign.

Over 25 years, ADMROI has built an unrivaled formula for reaching donors and potential donors on the phone, keeping them on the phone—and securing their commitment!

More personal than a letter, a call gives a not-for-profit organization an opportunity to initiate or strengthen donor relationships. A conversation also gives constituents an opportunity to voice their concerns.

Telemarketing can be a key component of an organization’s direct-marketing strategy — whether the goal is to target your existing donors, lapsed-donor conversion or upgrading existing donors to monthly giving programs.

Reasons to conduct a phone project:

  • It enables you to deliver individual messages to specific people at an affordable cost.
  • When a telephone campaign is properly used with selected lists, the pledge rate can be as much as 10 to 12 times that of direct mail.
  • It provides you with updated personal information in real time.
  • It offers immediate feedback from your constituents.

In a typical telemarketing campaign, nonprofits can typically expect to receive gifts from 25 to 45 percent of existing donors who are contacted. In a direct mail effort, organizations can expect donation rates of seven to 30 percent, and, less than 1 percent for email. The numbers are lower when it comes to donor acquisition.

People donate because of an emotional response, they give because of a response to another person. When you call somebody, it is one human being talking to another. That is still the greatest motivator.