Website Design

Your website is the face of your organization and the door to successful fundraising.

How do you make sure your website conveys your message in a profound and clear manner?

Our passion is helping nonprofits succeed online. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we understand nonprofits better than anyone. Combined with our expertise in design and online user experience, our experts can help your organization achieve the reach, results and get the attention online your mission deserves.

Online marketing is no longer optional for nonprofit organizations. Even the smallest and most local nonprofit must reach out to the public through an online presence.

In fact, having a website helps to validate the legitimacy of your organization. It may be unfair, but when people search for your website and find nothing, they begin to wonder if you are really who you say you are. Having a website is one of the costs of admission for a nonprofit. Online marketing for a nonprofit is very similar to what a business does. You must have an appealing website that can easily be found by people searching on the Internet; you must have a way to collect email addresses of those who visit so you can follow up; and you must have a way for people to donate online.

An attractive and dynamic website is at the heart of your online marketing.

We can no longer throw up an amateurish website. Everyone expects to see an attractive and interesting site. They will click right out if they don’t see something compelling on your site. You will likely need professional online marketing help if you are in the beginning throes of setting up a website. If you already have an established site, let us evaluate it to make sure it is meeting current online marketing standards.

Websites are no longer just fancy business cards that show who you are and where you are. They are busy hubs of information. Your organization has expertise on an issue. Use that expertise to provide background information, breaking news on your topic, advice, guidance, and support. Mix up the content including articles, photos, video, a podcast, and a blog. Effective online marketing means changing content frequently so there is always something new.